HAWA IndustrIal SolutIons

As HAWA International, we combine our 15 years’ of market experience in delivering Industrial Products and business solutions for Energy/Combustion, Packaging and Commercial Printing industries.

Combining the power of our people, market practices/experiences and global production partners, we deliver most efficient services to our customers in over 50 of the world’s most dynamic countries.

Our presence in over many countries, with international offices of our own and strategic partnership infrastructures, we are able to supply most efficient solutions by serving globally and acting locally. Being a global company makes our business more effective as we are being inspired by different international business ethics, different cultures, different technologies and different production capabilities.

We work collaboratively with clients and producers to improve their products and production capabilities by using our various services, products, technologies and experiences. These challenges play to our strengths, by putting innovation at the centre of every action we do.