International business requires individual partnerships who knows the local producers, different cultures, business ethics and business people. Our business network and experience make us a reliable partner which ensures and combines Competitive prices, Experienced Engineering Expertise, Different Production Possibilities Highest Quality Products Apart from the producers, our Individual quality controlling team plays an important role especially when working with different local producers in international sourcing.

We have long years of industry/product knowledge and highly qualified partners in Turkey and India to supply competitive prices and high quality products and services for Energy and Packaging industries. Hawa International delivers an innovative suite of industrial products/services to various industries by using its special production partners in different countries.

As a global industrial provider, we work with clients to improve their products, production capabilities by using our industrial solutions across global markets. manage and deliver their sourcing activities, such as designing, production, engineering, market analysis, quality management, consulting and project management, across global markets.


By the expertise our clients’ markets, drivers and challenges, is vital to delivering a successful marketing services. Over 10 years we have built unrivaled experience in a wide range of sectors, working daily to help clients build their brands and connect with customers more effectively.



We suppy energy saving solutions for different industries.

It consists machineries, projecting, engineering and Energy audits. Our technical expertise have a vast amount of knowledge on a huge range of combustion equipment such as Industrial burners, boilers, heat pumps, Dryers etc. A system which has served our customers well, with significant savings and reduced emissions time and time again.



  It is our mission to meet all market demands for quality commercial packaging.

We are a reliable partner and supplier of quality packaging products for global packaging buyers. Our clients consist from all industries such as food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, petfood to luxury industry which requires different materials and different production technologies/methods.



Our clients expect so much more than from us to just simply buy their printed products such as books, magazines, catalogues.

We’re at our best when it comes to commercial printing – where we can offer advice and solutions to our customers make their budget stretch further, perhaps remove and save their some time from the process or outline suggestions to improve the overall effectiveness.